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Enjoy luxurious beauty without sacrificing performance with Karastan SmartStrand®.

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Advanced Innovation

SmartStrand combines advanced fiber innovation with the highest level of beauty, comfort, and performance that includes built-in stain and soil protection.

Rhino Advance Innovation

Heavy Is The Foot.
Ready Is The Carpet.

All Pet. It’s in the name. While rhinos — the second largest mammals on earth — aren’t considered pets, even these mud enthusiasts are no match for permanent stain resistance and spill and soil protection. Our SmartStrand line, just like these rhinos, is adored for its storied resilience and undeniable beauty. SmartStrand carpets are crafted to live on and designed to help keep your floors forever clean.

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Discover all the beautiful styles and exquisite details of Karastan SmartStrand, making your home a uniquely gorgeous experience.